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We make things born to resist, on the tops of the mountains, the stress of the city and laps in the washing machine. We make them in Italy, with our bare hands, attentive to every single detail for a production that was born from the bottom up and always aims upwards. We do it for us and for all those who life is a journey and to go out it is better to put on something good.

Design & Fabrics


Inspired by nature

Our design reflects the passion we have for outdoor activities. We like to connect the world of clothing to the practicality of nature and this is why our design is often inspired by the shapes and colors of the environments we frequent.


Quality fabrics

Our products are designed to last over time and this feature depends above all on the fabrics we choose. Quality and resistance are the guidelines we follow when selecting fabrics.

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Milan - Saronno

Made in Italy

We create each item by hand, just as our grandparents taught us. Thanks to these teachings we are able to convey the quality of Italian tailoring, which is increasingly lacking in young people.

We were born near the heart of Italian fashion: Milan, a city that inspires us and stimulates our creativity every day with its thousand fabric and tailoring fairs.

Una produzione nata dal basso, ma che punta sempre in alto

Grazie a una produzione locale non solo riusciamo a garantire la qualità dei nostri prodotti, ma supportiamo anche un'economia di prossimità fatta di artigiani e produttori storici di tessuto. Grazie a questa rete promuoviamo e manteniamo vive le tradizioni artigianali italiane.

Oeko-tex certified fabrics

All the fabrics we select are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified by our suppliers. Thanks to this prestigious certification of non-toxicity of the fabric we offer peace of mind and safety to our customers - as well as tailor-made quality on all our garments.

Blue sign certification

The Bluesign® Approved Fabric label which covers almost all the fabrics we use is synonymous with responsible textile production. Sustainability of the production process and low environmental impact are the key points of this certification. By choosing these fabrics, Rupe demonstrates his commitment to a more environmentally conscious and respectful fashion industry.

Zero impact shipping

Rupe has made its shipments carbon neutral. Thanks to the partnership between Shopify and Carbon Direct we support innovative methods such as the mineral absorption of Co2 and direct capture in the air. For each order we invest an amount capable of offsetting the emissions due to our shipments.