Rupe Celebrates the Big 2: Between Challenges and Smiles, Our Adventure Continues

Rupe Festeggia il Big 2: Tra Sfide e Sorrisi, la Nostra Avventura Continua

Well, here it goes: Rupe is blowing out its second candles, and if we could, we'd throw a party with a giant cake for all of you (maybe one day, who knows?). 🎂🎉 These two years have been a bit like surfing on ten-meter waves with an ironing board - a challenge and a half, but here we are, still standing and more energized than ever!

Starting from scratch was a bit like playing Tetris on the hardest level: you have to fit everything perfectly, but the pieces fall at supersonic speed. Yes, resources were so tight that sometimes we wondered if we should pay the bills or buy coffee (spoiler: we chose coffee because how can you function without it?). But, as in every good story, here come our superheroes: the Rupe Family and the ambassadors, the volunteers who believed in us even when we were just a speck in the outdoor universe.

Thanks to these fantastic humans, Rupe not only survived but started to thrive. Together, we're creating a wonderful community (and we're starting to get a bit... what do you think about having a party all together?!)

So, as we cut this imaginary cake for our two years together, we want to say a gigantic THANK YOU. Thank you for making space for us in your hearts and closets. Thank you for every like, share, and for wearing our clothes with pride. Without you, we'd just be a beautiful idea in search of a stage.

Remember, the road ahead is still long and there will surely be more mountains to climb and waves to ride (and we hope to have at least a real surfboard this time), but with you by our side, we're ready to challenge the impossible. Together, we can make Rupe not just a brand, but a revolution, one piece at a time.

And now, full steam ahead! Towards new adventures, laughter, and hopefully, a bit more room in the budget for coffee. 🚀☕

With love, The Rupe Team (who adores you all a lot!) 🌿✨

P.S. Saturday, February 24th will be the official two-year anniversary of the founding of Rupe S.r.l. Get ready for some special promos for all of you who believed in us and for the opening of our little store in Rovellasca on the first Saturday.