Cliff at Valma Street Block 2024 - April 6

Valma street block logo 2024 parè valmadrera

Are you ready for an urban adventure that promises sparks? 🎉 Rupe jumps (literally) into the fray of the Valma Street Block 2024, the urban climbing event that is about to transform the streets of Parè, Valmadrera, into the stage of pure adrenaline, on Saturday 6 April!

Our agenda is already full of emotions, smiles and a pinch of healthy competition:

  • At 11.30, we all meet at the Pratone di Parè: it's time (for those who have signed up) to collect the race package and have a chat with us!
  • Then, at 1.30pm, the race starts: 40 street blocks await you. Are you ready to gas your friends?
  • At 6pm, the dancing ends... but don't worry, it's just the beginning of the party!
  • At 6.15pm, return to the lawn to return the passes, and then we move on to serious things: finals and awards. 🏆
  • And to finish on a high note, at 9pm, let's let ourselves be carried away by the notes of "Scramble & the cats", in an evening organized with AVIS of Valmadrera that promises to be epic.

We can't wait to see you there, ready to conquer the city with climbing and laughter. Rupe is not just fashion, it is an adventurous family who can't wait to share every moment of this unforgettable day with you. Bring your best smile (and climbing shoes)! #ValmaStreetBlock2024 #RupeAdventure 🚀💖

If you need more information, here it is: Detailed event info here